Never run out of Seeds again

Always have top notch plants on deck.
Our flexible Seed subscription delivers the best seedplugs from our company.

You got a CityCrop? Use our subscription to save money and to continue to grow.

Do not miss the opportunity to always track your subscription and enjoy all the advantages of CityCrop.

Be able to change and edit these subscriptions at any time!

We give our customers the opportunity to extend or change the subscription period: every 1, 3 or 6 months. Log in and edit your subscriptions at your convenience

How it works?


Select quantity

Choose how many SeedPlugs 3-packs up to 52-packs you want to receive in a single shipment and your default shipping interval

Choose plants

Choose which Seedplugs 3-packs up to 52-packs you want to receive in you subscription shipment

Customize as you go

Change your plant selection or cancel any time you want.

Choosing us you get:

Garden Warranty
The CityCrop device & seedplugs subscription is covered by a 2 Year Hassle-Free Warranty.
Free Shipping
Start gardening wherever you are. No hidden fees.
Sprouting guarantee
Sometimes nature has a mind of its own. If your plant doesn't sprout, we'll replace it.
plant image
plant image

Harvest what you need, avoiding overproduction through harvest on demand.

Eat your way to a smaller carbon footprint without food miles.

No more food waste.

Our app guides you to harvest your plants at the right time.

Grow in a clean environment free of pesticides.

Full nutritional content of live plants.

Can’t decide?

If you have any questions, you can always contact our support service
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