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In 2015, Christos Raftogiannis founded CityCrop with the goal of providing pesticide-free, high-quality greens and vegetables. The team was frustrated with the lack of options that met their standards, and attempted to grow their own produce in a small plot in the city, but faced setbacks.

This led to the development of CityCrop, a sustainable hardware and software solution for growing fresh, quality crops at home.


CityCrop allows users to enjoy pesticide-free produce with peace of mind. With a solid background and expertise in agriculture, the team understands that not everyone has the same knowledge in cultivating crops without pesticides and fertilisers.

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Grow Fresh Salad Makings Easily in Your Kitchen with CityCrop

That's why they created CityCrop, which combines IT and Geoponics expertise to provide an easy-to-use hardware and software system for growing fresh, quality products right in your own kitchen. With CityCrop, you can spend just five minutes a week taking care of the whole process and enjoy hassle-free gardening.

Discover the benefits of CityCrop and grow fresh salad makings easily in your kitchen. Control every aspect of the growing process, from the seeds used to the production of the plants, and enjoy a sustainable and innovative solution for home gardening.


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