Red Rioja Radish

Red Rioja Radish

2 SeedPlugs


A sharp, colourful, and great tasting microgreen. These are high in vitamins B, C and D, calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium. Rich in antioxidants and low in calories.

  • Germination Time

    2 Days

  • Harvest Time

    8 Days


Flavour accents seafood and meat entrees. Use with meat, fish, eggs and cheese dishes, also excellent colour and flavour to salads and sandwiches.

CityCrop does not compromise with the quality of its seeds, an essential part of the success of the CityCrop. Our seeds are strictly non-GMO and have been tested thoroughly at CityCrop and are produced as much locally as possible, respecting international restrictions on the trade of seeds.

Our smart seed plugs

In CityCrop our experts have created these unique seed plugs in order to give in your plants the best growth performance with non-GMO seeds.

It makes sure plants have perfect pH level and get the optimal configuration of water, oxygen, and nutrients.

The plugs are made of natural, renewable materials, and contain no pesticides, fungicides, hormones, or other harmful substances.

Seed plug