Inside & Out


Rethinking home growing.

Our design directive is to make your growing experience as effortless as possible.
We redesigned the way of the home growing process to make it as perfect for
home growers as we could.

Led’s that rival the sun

Healthy, and flavourful plants start with the perfect light source. For this reason,
CityCrop engineered a custom LED panel that emits an intense amount of light that encourages the plants to grow strong without sunlight.

Totally modular device

CityCrop developed the world’s
first totally modular device
in order to give you the advantage for everyone to expanding its CityCrop in orders to grow more

Adjustable trays

Choose your ideal tray to cultivate
from a large variety of plants
and have an easyest and enjoyable growing experience.

Dual zone Microclimate

CityCrop developed adual-zone microclimate in order to grow your summer plants in the lower unit and winter plants in the upper unit

Nutrient dosing system

CityCrop sensors and pumps maintain perfect water conditions for the plants, also, the cyclical system senses and equalize nutrient levels, and waters seedlings on a regular schedule.


CityCrop uses your Wi-Fi network to connect to the internet.
You’ll need a signal in your home to be able to use it.

Less of a machine, more of a smart grown device.

One of the things that make CityCrop special is its artificial intelligence and knowledge about the growing process. Smartphone control is more than just remote control. CityCrop can make suggestions and learn to cultivate your greens to your taste.

Always connected, wherever you are.


Control your CityCrop from your smartphone in real-time miles from home.


The CityCrop App will be always updated with improvements and new features.


The information you share with CityCrop will always be secure and private

Tech Specs​

Weight & Dimensions

CityCrop One (H x W x D) 42.44cm x 47.17cm x 53.9cm | 16.7” x 18.57” x 21.22”

Weight 30 kg, 66 lb

CityCrop Twin (H x W x D) 84.66cm x 47.17cm x 53.9cm | 33.33” x 18.57” x 21.22”

Weight 55 kg, 121 lb


Internet access with Wi-Fi required.

ⓘ CityCrop needs internet but can work independently up to 30 days without an internet connection. We suggest for best results, to have a permanent connection since plant recipe optimizations are done in our database.


AC 220 – 240 V

ⓘ The voltage required for the power supply corresponds to any conventional socket.

Wi-Fi connection

Supports 802.11 b / g / n (2.4 GHz) networks with WPA / WPA2 encryption.

ⓘ WPA Enterprise is not supported.

Environmental Control

Temperature, humidity, and Co2 are critical to plant growth, CityCrop automatically provides the optimum environment for any plant.

ⓘ CityCrop continuously creating the perfect environment for its plant s on its own.concentration on its own.

Each internal fan provides a homogeneous environment (temperature, humidity, Co2 concentration) at each level separately.
Cultivation Technology

CityCrop uses aeroponics technology without soil and is therefore much cleaner and easier to handle.


CityCrop AI and micro-dosing pumps provide to the plants a balanced diet of nutrients (food) so that they can reach their full potential.

ⓘ CityCrop continuously detects the exact concentration on its own.

pH & EC

The pH (potential Hydrogen) of your nutrient solution plays a pivotal role in making these elements available to your plants.

Conductivity is an essential measurement that indicates the total amount of nutrients available to your plants.

ⓘ CityCrop continuously balancing the exact concentration on its own.

Water reservoir

Water reservoir with 8 Liter volume (refill every 3 weeks depending on usage).

ⓘ Via internal water tank, no fixed water connection necessary.

ⓘ Water level indicator on the CityCrop will notify you via app when you need to refill it.

Water consumption

100 liters per year.

ⓘ This value applies to permanent usage throughout the year.

Led Panel

Full-spectrum led panel with that rival the sun.

CityCrop engineered a custom LED panel that emits an intense amount of light that encourages the plants to grow strong without sunlight.​

Plant level & Height of the plant room 

CityCrop One
1 ergonomically extendable plant drawer

Growing space height 21cm | 8.26”

CityCrop Twin
2 ergonomically extendable plant drawers

Growing space height 21cm | 8.26” & 28.5cm | 11.22”

CityCrop Twin 
2 ergonomically extendable plant drawers

Growing space height 21cm | 8.26” & 28.5cm | 11.22”
Planting capacity

CityCrop One
13 CityPods or 4 CityMats.

CityCrop Twin
26 CityPods or 8 CityMats.

ⓘ We provide two different trays the Pod trays and the Mat trays for maximum flexibility. Up to twenty-six different greens can grow at the same time and can also be inserted at different times.

Addressable planting area

~ 0,34 m²

ⓘ Corresponds to an area almost a quarter of a square meter.